Juan Mendez

Juan Mendez  is a first generation American and a native Arizonan who is invested in his community and in improving the quality of life for all Arizonans. He attended Tolleson Union High School, received his associate degree from  Phoenix College, then graduated with B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Justice Studies from ASU. He has used his education to support labor movements and organize his community around public education and social services.  

Juan’s passion for politics and social justice is reflected in his commitment to building strong communities. On the City of PhoenixHuman Services Advisory Committee, Juan works with fellow community leaders to recommend improvements to senior and family service centers and programs for the homeless. He also manages the nonprofit Community Voice Mail, where he connects thousands of people living in poverty, transition and homelessness to jobs, housing, information and hope.

Juan is not only a lifelong member of the Arizona Democratic Party but has worked for years to contribute to our state and  local Democratic Party. He has held various offices and positions as an elected Precinct and State Committee Member, Chair of the Resolutions Committee on the state level, President of the ASU Young Democrats, Treasurer and Secretary at the district level, and as a Field Organizer helping to turn out Democratic voters and elect progressive Democrats.

As a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, Juan will represent the voice of the working class. He will bring to the legislature an understanding of the value of public education and the passion of a citizen who is invested in his community.

His legislative priorities will include bringing sanity and purpose back to the state budget,  by recognizing that private success is dependent on public investment. Juan also aims to restart the American dream of upward mobility for everyone, regardless of privilege, by restoring compassion to our health care system and through strengthening our public schools and universities. He will work with anyone willing to cultivate Arizona’s greatest strengths, its citizens, and its access to renewable energy. He will stop wasting our time and money on the federal immigration situation and will continue to actively advocate for immigration reform on a national level to bring to an end the needless deaths that happen in our desert.  

After having fostered the environment for a healthy and educated workforce and a budget that accounts for the rising costs of everyday living expenses, gasoline, college education, and healthcare, Juan will attract new industries to our communities in order to fuel real sustainable economic growth.

Juan is also an avid rock climber, hiker and advocate for the environment. He volunteers his services once a month with Valley of the Sun United Way and their Project Connect Event.
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commented 2013-12-24 01:01:35 -0700 · Flag
Thank you
commented 2013-11-04 13:42:00 -0700 · Flag
I just hear your speech from an award ceremony on FFRF’s podcast & am so happy to hear a rational mind speaking out for the freethinking community. I truly hope you are only one of what we will see to be a growing movement to protect the secular status of our nation & the rights of ALL of us, & to further the fight for the separation of church & state. Thank you so much for your work!
commented 2013-05-29 13:28:43 -0700 · Flag
I second that on the FANTASTIC opening of the house session!
commented 2013-05-28 15:37:05 -0700 · Flag
Way to go with the opening of the House session! Nice to see someone in office with some common sense! Keep up the good work!

commented 2013-05-25 09:14:53 -0700 · Flag
Fabulous! Your’s should be the morning invocation across the country, especially in all republican-majority bodies…
commented 2013-05-23 22:54:25 -0700 · Flag
Dear Rep. Mendez: you rock.
commented 2013-05-22 12:22:44 -0700 · Flag
Thank you, Sir. I was afraid I was one of the few free-thinkers left in this backward state. You make me feel like my taxes might be well spent, after all. Keep up the good work.
commented 2013-05-22 06:24:11 -0700 · Flag
Just wanted to say how proud of you I am for acknowledging your secular stance. I am so sick of our money going to things that are quite frankly FALSE! I am sending you this message from the bible belt. Thanks for being for our community as a whole!

Zach Petersen
Rural, NC
commented 2013-05-22 05:46:07 -0700 · Flag
Good for you! Stay secular and use your rationality and logic. We need more up-and-comers like you to stand firm. I am tired of our tax dollars going to illogical places while the rational, contemplative minds sit on their hands on their hands.
Case in point; Parks and Rec in Yuma is now required to dig through female trashcans in order to seperate used ‘feminine hygiene’ products from the rest of the paper contained within. (As if the paper, etc it touches is clean) They must don gloves and take bloodborne pathogen training and screenings in order to do so. This is costing us over 25,000$ per year when the real, time-tested and true method of disposal is to simply chuck the entire bag where they are into a proper, simply disposal area. (But really, who burns the tissue I use when i have a bloody nose or a cut that bleeds, wipe it with a tissue and toss it in the bin at home? A: no one they just toss that refuse in with others.) It’s not rational formparks and rec to handle these things directly and yet Beaurocracy demands it and uses our taxes to do so. Fight this retardation/backsliding of our collective wants/needs.
Taxes in AZ are not cheap, but I see much less in the way of infrustructure and general social good being provided for by those taxes as I have in other states.
Where are my taxes going? We have no major disasters to deal with. Maybe fire fighting but so do other states that collect less to do so.
Just keep using your brain and I’ll keep following you, my new hero in a state of bewilderment.

Feel free to contact me @ 915-309-0622 or email4wilkins@gmail.com
Michael Wilkins
1910 S Ave A. #42
Yuma, AZ 85364
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Mendez for Arizona