There are too many of our neighbors without insurance and too many of our co-workers with expensive health care premiums, and no cooperation between healthcare and insurance providers.

Arizona's medical care, particularly the everyday business of preventing and treating routine illnesses, is inferior in quality, wastefully dispensed, and in-equitably financed.

There is no way around the FACT that we need to expand AHCCCS to meet the lack of basic healthcare for our working poor.

With any amount of our population practicing unhealthy habits, lacking healthy nutrition, or having no way to afford the high costs of insurance, we need to rise to the opportunity to do what we can to educate people about their health, provide opportunities for healthy habits, and reign in the cost of healthcare.

If we truly want to sustain the future of our communities everyone needs the option of respectable and affordable healthcare. If we are going to provide these opportunities, we need to make sure none of our efforts are wasted. After addressing insurance companies and the negotiation of pharmaceutical costs on a national level, we, as a state, can do what we can to address our own health care costs.

We could have considerable less health care costs if...

  • we made sure no Arizonian had to rely on ER health care

  • we addressed the question of whether we unnecessarily over-test

  • we investigated quality control issues

  • we provide preventative care

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