Citizens develop best through their positive relationships to others, through their contributions to their communities, and through the ways in which they realize their potential and find joy in life. Citizens become responsible, self-disciplined, and self-reliant through being cared for and respected, and through caring for others.

Community support and protection are essential and require the strength and courage of the State.

The State is responsible for making sure that the basic needs of its citizens are met: food, shelter, education, health care, and opportunities for self-development. A government that lets many of its citizens go hungry, homeless, uneducated, or sick—while the majority of its citizens have more than these basic needs met—is an immoral, irresponsible government. And citizens who are not willing to support such governmental obligations are immoral, irresponsible citizens.

I personally know how social programs help people and strengthen the state itself. Social programs are investments.  They are investments in presently unproductive citizens, those who do not pay taxes and who use up government funds, to make them into productive citizens, those who do pay taxes and can contribute to society.

The measure of a social program is whether it produces a return on the investment. A social program that doesn’t work is a bad investment. The question is not whether to have social programs, but rather which ones work well, that is, which ones produce dividends in the long run.

As a society we can no longer afford a limited style of irresponsible governing. We must all take responsibility for our communities.

To find ways to give back to your community visit these sites


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