• About Juan Mendez

    As a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, Juan will represent the voice of the working class. He will bring to the legislature an understanding of the value of public education and the passion of a citizen who is invested in his community.

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  • Funding Public Education for the future of Arizona‚Äôs Workforce

    Every child needs to have the same opportunity to learn, regardless of their family background, income or the community they happen to live in.

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  • Compassionate Health Care for a Healthy Arizona Workforce

    There are too many of our neighbors without insurance and too many of our co-workers with expensive health care premiums, and no cooperation between healthcare and insurance providers.

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Juan Mendez for State Senate LD26

About Juan Mendez

Juan Mendez is a first generation American and a native Arizonan who is invested in his community and in improving the quality of life for all Arizonans... Learn more

Why I am running for Senate

My success in life is possible because so many other people and programs contribute to my success. I am running for public office to honor and restore those programs and to show the people of my life that I understand their contribution to my success by making sure others have access to similar opportunities.

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